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The Go-Getter’s Guide To Hire Dedicated Magento Programmer

If you search on Google, ways to hire dedicated Magento Programmer you will get millions of results. But surprisingly most of the options for getting a Magento programmer won’t fit your needs. It is probably pretty hard to find a compatible one for your e-commerce project though there are a large number of professional Magento programmers available out there.

So here are some key factors which one should definitely look forward to in order to hire dedicated Magento Programmer that best fit for their project.

Magento Programming Experience

Before hiring a Magento programmer you should have a peek at what projects has the candidate worked on and what type of tasks and challenges he has experience dealing with. You should also make sure that the programmer is well familiar with 3 versions of Magneto i.e Community, Go, and Enterprise. Each version of Magento has certain specifications and a set of features, so you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your coder is not equipped with only one version when you are in need of every feature of the versions.

Magento Programming Portfolio

A lot of Magento programmers emphasize to be Magento certified, but certification is not a guarantee that you will receive your desired results. The previous work of a programmer speaks best about their capabilities. This is the reason why one should majorly pay attention to their portfolio. So make sure that you browse all the e-commerce websites on which your candidate has worked on and evaluate their look, functionality, and usability.

Magento Programmer’s References

To hire dedicated Magento programmer, have a check on their portfolio is just not enough. But one should also ask about their references i.e reviews about their work from previous customers or employees. It’s better if you check them personally as it helps you to make sure that the candidate is just not a just programmer, but is also a performer, a good communicator, and a perfect fit for your team.

Magento Programmer’s Response To Your Project Brief

This is one of the most vital factors which one should look forward while hiring  Magento programmer. Before hiring a programmer you should make sure that the candidate understands your requirements and how they offer to implement your tasks and solve potential problems. An ideal Magento programmer is expected to come up with feedback and vital suggestions on how to improve your project.

There are a large number of Magento programmers available in the field for hiring, but to achieve the desired result, one needs to hire dedicated Magento programmer, who is one of the best and best fit for the job you need to carry out. Just you need to keep in mind is these key factors of a dedicated Magento programmer and you will surely able to find a suitable candidate.